Jack Hébert CEO/Founding Chair
Dear Friends and Supporters, Alaska’s current fiscal and environmental challenges present a moment of opportunity for the creative people of the North.  Success in the decades and centuries ahead will be measured by our ability to adapt to these challenges.  We must find ways to diversify and develop sustainable economies, build responsibly– whether we are part of a rural community or live in urban Alaska–and define how we’ll live so our children’s children can thrive in this beautiful land. Adapting to environmental change is something Alaskans have been doing for a very long time. Europeans and others that came during the great gold rushes adjusted to dramatic change as resources diminished. Those who were committed stayed and thrived. The first people looking for a new life thousands of years ago saw in this harsh climate and spectacular landscape a place that could provide for their families and the generations that followed. That kind of courage is an inspiration.  Your CCHRC family is part of finding ways to adapt. Each of us is deeply committed to a healthy future for the “Great Land” and those who call this place home. In this year’s annual report, you’ll read about the technologies we’re using at CCHRC to move beyond fossil fuels, alternative energy systems that are helping Alaskans save money, and creative solutions for bringing safe water and sewer into a place like Kivalina. The Holistic Pilot Project in Oscarville is an example of how working together across agencies and disciplines, led by community leadership, can make remarkable progress. Progress that is leading to a sustainable community where quality of life is enriched, physical needs are met, and rich traditions are honored.